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Who We Are

At The Professiional, a dedicated team of experts, have undertaken the noble task of exploring and deciphering the classical formulations within these ancient manuscripts. With a deep reverence for the wisdom contained within, they meticulously study and analyze these sacred texts, striving to unlock their timeless secrets.

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Our Philosophy

The classical formulations of Ayurveda are often intricate blends of herbs, botanicals, minerals, infused oils and other natural ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen for its unique properties and its ability to restore balance and vitality to the body and skin. The Professiional understands the significance of sourcing these ingredients responsibly, ensuring their purity and authenticity. We are deeply committed to preserving the integrity of the ancient texts and upholding the principles of ancient Science.


The discernible impact of climatic fluctuations, heightened stress levels, and rampant environmental pollution on our skin, hair, and physique has become increasingly apparent. Moreover, the escalating consumer expectations and the looming perils of ubiquitous single-use plastics and deforestation underscore the imperative for exquisite and sustainable remedies that nurture both ourselves and our planet.


Introducing our esteemed label, where age-old manuscripts, scientific knowledge, and timeless principles converge to create exceptional remedies. We take pride in crafting eco-friendly products that not only deliver remarkable results but also adhere to rigorous sustainability standards. Our commitment extends beyond efficacy, as we strive to protect the very land and communities from which our ingredients are sourced. Join us in embracing a harmonious union of heritage, science, and eco-consciousness for a truly transformative experience.


At our core, we envision a world where ancient and holistic personal skincare products are the cornerstone of self-care. We strive to empower individuals to embrace the healing power of nature, providing them with pure, effective, and sustainable skincare solutions. Through our commitment to authenticity, transparency, and conscious living, we aim to inspire a holistic approach to beauty that nurtures both the body and the soul.


Our goal is to provide individuals with safe, effective, and sustainable skincare solutions that promote overall well-being and brilliance. We are committed to formulating products that harness the power of nature's ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, and rooted in the principles of Ancient and holistic formulations. Through continuous research, ethical practices, and education, we aim to empower our customers to make informed choices for their skin health while fostering a deep connection with nature. Together, let us embrace the beauty of holistic skincare and embark on a transformative journey towards a more radiant and harmonious existence.


Meet The Founders

Dr. Sunita Gupta

With an impressive 32-year tenure in the realm of personal care, this esteemed professional possesses a multifaceted expertise as a doctor, cosmetics chemist, and cosmetologist. She holds the notable distinction of spearheading the launch of India's inaugural Professional Skincare brand and has effectively orchestrated successful product introductions across consumer and professional segments. Collaborating with renowned brands within the Indian landscape, she played a pivotal role in propelling them to the upper echelons of the industry, attaining coveted positions among the top 5. Today, her product formulas grace the shelves of esteemed salons, spas, and derma clinics, rendering her an indispensable figure in the realm of personal care.

Shveta Bhatia

A highly accomplished and seasoned professional, holding expertise as a cosmetologist and possessing an M.B.A., brings a remarkable 25 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. With a deep understanding of operations and training, this individual has successfully launched products in international markets while also establishing robust retail channels in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Having collaborated with esteemed Indian and multinational brands, her track record exemplifies excellence and proficiency in the industry.​

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