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Green Satin

Clarifying + Correcting

An 8-Day Therapy Programme For Clarifying the Impurities & Correcting the sensitivity

Clarifying + Correcting facial

The Clarifying + Correcting facial is enriched with Yastimadhu Thailam an effective ayurvedic blend with plant-sourced active ingredients & fine soft textured clay in sage green or light green colour which contains iron oxide that helps to detoxify the dirt and impurities from the skin, sea kelp along with other decomposed plant matter, and also contains a blend of minerals making it extraordinary therapeutic in nature having exceptionally well exfoliating qualities to remove dead skin cells, eliminating the bacteria that is the root cause of issues like acne and breakouts due to its antibacterial properties. It also absorbs the additional sebum that is one of the main causes of acne.

Facial for acne


3-to-6 Therapies


90 minutes

Skin Types

All skin types


facial kit professional

Signature Massage

Mukhabhyanga & Marma Massage

skincare facewash for acne

Clarifying + Correcting

Face Wash


Bhu-Vanaushadhi Clarifying + Correcting face cleanser is designed through extensive research using Yashtimadhu Thailam-Neem-Manjistha along with potent active ingredients.

60 ml

serum of acne skincare

Clarifying + Correcting



]This powerhouse AM: PM Bhu-Vanaushadhi Clarifying + Correcting Serum is a triple-action formula enriched with Yashtimadhu Thailam Mandarin-Mulberry that Clarify-Correct-Prevent to prevent breakouts & blemishes, working to encourage the regulation of sebum production.

30 ml

night cream day cream

Clarifying + Correcting

Day & Night Crème


This Bhu-Vanaushadhi Clarifying + Correcting Day Crème has a “Triple-action formula” that Rebalance-Clarifying-Protect enriched with Yashtimadhu Thailam-Mushroom-Turmeric to accelerate skin’s clarity and radiance.


Night Crème is a skin purifying mechanism a triple action formula enriched with Yashtimadhu Thailam-Mulberry-Papaya that Repair-Replenish-Rebalance and acts deep down to prevent and cure the development of bacterial inflammation.

50 ml x 2

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