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This Bhu-Vanaushadhi Brightening + Perfecting Day Crème has a “Triple- action formula” that Brighten-Revitalise-Protect enriched with Kumkumadi Thailam-Liquorice-Saffron to accelerate skin’s perfection and radiance. A comprehensive approach to skincare that addresses the main environmental factors that cause tanning whilst simultaneously targeting uneven skin tone, spots, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dryness & dullness

This Bhu-Vanaushadhi Brightening + Perfecting Crème Night is a replenish & reactivate even tone mechanism a triple action formula enriched with Kumkumadi Thailam-Ashwagandha-Almond that Repair-Replenish-Reactivate and corrects uneven skin tone, hydrates and acts deep down to even out skin tone and ensure a visibly brighter, illuminated complexion.

Brightening + Perfecting Day & Night Crème

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