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This Bhu-Vanaushadhi Restoring + Sculpting Day Crème has a “Triple- action formula” that Restore-Refresh-Protect enriched with Balashwagandhadi Thailam-Mulethi-Saffron to accelerate skin’s youthfulness and radiance. A comprehensive approach to skincare that addresses the main environmental factors that cause ageing, whilst simultaneously targeting signs of ageing, fine lines, laugh lines and dryness & dullness


Bhu-Vanaushadhi Restoring + Sculpting Crème Night is a youth mechanism triple action formula enriched with Nalpamaradi Thailam- Ashwagandha-Algae that Repair-Replenish-Rejuvenate and corrects ageing skin. Synchronised on the natural skin biorhythm (where skin defends itself during daylight and renews at night as skin is at its most receptive), the anti-ageing night replenisher maximises the physiological cutaneous daily activities.

Restoring + Sculpting Day& Night Crème

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